Manual placing boom: the general channel or tube structure, arm, standard bearings, wear conveying pipes, plus a large counterweight boxes, enhancing the stability and reliability of the equipment. 360 ° reverse rotation lightweight full swing, just pulling the rope can easily be adjusted to change the fabric cloth radius position, it is the ideal equipment for the construction of one. Manual cloth machine features: Radius: 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 15 m, 18 m, 20 m and so on; cloth Height: 1-7 m; Rotary mode: the swing, down swing, Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom two-bearing swivel; a new type of construction machinery and concrete delivery pump supporting the use of, Like a robot can reach the surface of the concrete construction, accurately reach any part of the work surface of the casting and continuous casting, give full play to the advantages of both technologies, Greatly reduces the labor intensity and cost, improve the progress and quality of construction; According to the different height, radius, rotary way engineering requirements, equipment, fabric machinery concrete walk way. Product has the following characteristics:

The boom boom started with full swing fabric structure, equipped with Ф133mm pipes, machine manually. Having a stable and reliable structure, rotating light and flexible, 360 ° all-round forward and reverse rotation, the radius of gyration can be adjusted, appropriate height of the tower, just pull the rope easily, you can arbitrarily change the orientation of the fabric, it has a highly efficient and reliable, economical and practical features.

Product constitution

BLG Series Manual booms have main beams, gimbals, bearing seat, transmission lines constituted.    1, the main beams    Main beams by the support angle, pipe supports, rod, main beams and other components.    Main beams mounted slewing ring seat, by the rotation of the support to do a full 360 ° rotation, the upper part of the front end of the main beam tube and support bracket to secure the boom delivery line, back-end configuration is equipped with gimbals to achieve balance.   2, gimbal   Gimbal by the gimbal and counterweight box.   Gimbal mounted the counterweight box. It is installed in the main beam at the rear flange connection, with screws, to ensure the stability of its work.   3, the support base   The main support base and a steel plate welded angle iron.   Slewing ring mounted in the lower part of the main beams used to support the whole weight. The upper portion of the main beam, through the support base of the ball slewing ring to achieve 360 ​​° rotation. Range to achieve different fabric. Telescopic legs can do to adjust the horizontal distance to achieve its stability, each leg must be leveled at work.  4, transmission lines   Delivery routing fixed riser pipe, straight, 90 ° elbow, hand, pipe clips and other components.   Fixed transfer line connected to the main beam frame, the rear end of a 90 ° Curved and concrete pumping tubing end, the other end of the tube through the activities stubborn to do manually within the range of 310 ° fabric. Fourth, the working principle Boom feed bend the tip end of the pipe and concrete pump are connected to form a complete pumping construction of transport pipeline, hopper concrete pumping working pressure Xia, through concrete delivery lines and main beams and manual control was continuous rotation site construction within range of fabrics sent.

Use and Safety Precautions in the boom   

Observance of these rules, the correct action is to prevent accidents, to extend the life of the guarantee.   First, the former layout ready   1. Check the scene to whether there is sufficient working space, working surface should be smooth, firm, can not be soft collapse.   2, such as uneven or steel flat working surface, concrete placing booms for sale apply 600 × 60 × 60 (mm) board level pad, the pad real Quartet Stand fixing rope taut, without slant.   3, in the direction perpendicular to the fabric, use a steel pipe rack space make steady boom parallel planes, and tighten with the four oil wire rope, the turnbuckle insurance fastened to prevent decoupling, to be fixed before proceeding to the fabric construction. (Note: Due to different site conditions, the factory does not provide shelf steel, oil rope and tensioning device).   4. Stand bends in steel with a shelf, the elbow is fixed at the center of the Quartet stands to prevent accidents caused by the impact force is too large.   5. Check whether all lubrication points injection of sodium and calcium grease grease. Second, the layout and use

1, the manual tube folded back and the main beam is fixed, then 500 kg counterweight mounted counterweight box. When lifting beam to find a good balance before installation. 2, with the boom crane lifting mechanism to a suitable work surface, fell in front of the work, the telescopic legs pulled in the largest top silk top good position. 3, balance boom down and adjust in a horizontal plane (with wooden adjustment) shall not be tilted. 4, during normal working counterweight box plus 500-800 kg counterweight to adjust the balance. 5, the main beams will support base to the middle position. 6, the concrete pump pipe below a 90 ° Curved end fixed with the clamp and boom. 7, after feeding the pumped water before flushing the pipeline for ten minutes, the concrete can be gradually feeding into the material soil, water can be gradually reduced to the amount, ten minutes can be transferred to work properly. 8, in operation, a man pulled a manual tube distal end of the rope, turn the main beams and front manual pipe to obtain fabrics in different planes (because slewing ring flexible, if necessary, that the brake master beams rotated to prevent the main Liang and manual tube rotate synchronously). 9, the work is completed, remove the duct schwing concrete placing booms connected with concrete pump, the back telescoping legs, remove the front manual pipe.

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